New Therapy Helps Turn Back The Clock On Wrinkles

SPOKANE — Once a long, drawn-out process, it’s now possible to smooth out wrinkles, eliminate unsightly spider veins or make acne scars disappear in roughly the time it takes to grab a burger and fries for lunch.

Dr. Joel Sears at Advanced Dermatology is using a series of injections called Radiesse. The idea is to minimize the effects of age and gravity that bring the cheeks down to the jowl line, instead of higher up on the face where they started.

“We’re starting to think about putting things back in where they used to be, volumizing the skin and face,” Sears states. “If you look at it microscopically, it’s like tiny microscopic beads that your own collagen fibers and subcutaneous tissues will build up around and just volumize the skin.”

For the delicate area around a patient’s mouth, Dr. Sears uses what’s called Restylin.

“Subtle changes really are what we’re after,” he says. “We don’t want to make anything look over-inflated or over-processed.”

Radiesse treatment starts at about $750 while Restilyn runs around $450 per vile.

“What I like about it is that it’s a subtle improvement,” Dr. Sears says, noting that after the injections, “people don’t look at you and say you obviously had a face lift.”

Different doctors take different approaches to the issue, however. Dr. Staci Ward claims to achieve great results with a much more modestly priced treatment known as Retin A.

“I use it every night; I will until I die,” she boasts. “It’s one of those things – if I could bathe in it, I would.”

Currently, Retin A is only available by prescription, but there are similar products available over-the-counter that Dr. Ward says will give you comparable results.

Still, Dr. Wards best advice is not which product to use, but how you take care of your body in general. She says to start when you’re young, use sunscreen, maintain a healthy diet and always use moisturizer, especially in a dry area like the Inland Northwest.

“It’s about maintenance,” Dr Wards advises. “You maintain your home, you have to maintain your face and your skin and your body; you can’t just check out.”