New ‘Spokane’ sign welcomes visitors to the Lilac City

Spokane Sign Maple Street
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SPOKANE, Wash. – A new sign welcomes travelers to Spokane near the eastbound I-90 and Maple Street exit.

City of Spokane spokesperson Brian Coddington said the new sign is part of the ongoing beautification project that started with the Division Street exit.

Marlene Feist with the city of Spokane’s Public Works Department said the Maple Street Gateway project began in the summer of 2019. Old bushes were pulled up and replaced with a bed of broken basalt rock. On Thursday, crews installed the letters spelling out “Spokane.”

The whole gateway project cost $375,000 and was the latest in work to improve gateways to downtown from the interstate, Feist said. Other renovations, including the Division Street Gateway and Lincoln Gateway, were completed in earlier years.

Coddington said the sign will ultimately be lit when new lighting is installed in the coming weeks.