New Spokane couple left with just the clothes on their backs

New Spokane couple left with just the clothes on their backs

Alex Hutchings and his wife Marissa moved to Spokane last week so Alex could attend Gonzaga Law School. They arrived in the Lilac City on April 18, and as of Thursday afternoon, the moving truck containing all of their possessions (including clothes) is nowhere to be found. Repeated phone calls to Long Distance Movers, inc. have gone unanswered.

To make matters worse, they learned after their property had been packed up that they owe double the original quote agreed to online. The final payment is due once the truck arrives – in cash.

“We had to buy the couch here because we had no where to sit down,” said Alex Hutchings. “This is my outfit until they come and drop off my clothes.”

Alex and his wife Marissa aren’t off to the best start on their new life in Spokane

The nightmare began earlier this year… After the couple decided to relocate to the Lilac City from Reno so Alex could attend Gonzaga law school

“I contacted this moving company – Long Distance Movers Incorporated – and they gave me a great quote.”

So – Hutchings agreed to the $1,750 price tag, and just like that, they were locked in.

“So they showed up, as a surprise to me. I was unprepared. They charged me for packing and shipping things that I was going to pack myself”

It wasn’t until after the truck was locked and loaded that the movers informed their clients the new rate was about $3,400, excluding additional charges along the way. After two payments – Hutchings has paid a total of just over $2,200.

“When they show up, I have to pay them the balance. In cash.”

With their hands tied, the young couple made their way to Spokane with the clothes on their back and their two dogs – Jodie and Romeo. They arrived last Thursday. The truck is nowhere to be found.

“I’ve called them at least 10 times, and every single time I do, they tell me they can’t get a hold of dispatch. So… We’ll try to get a hold of them and call you back. They have never one time called me back.”

So now, they wait. With an air mattress, a couch, and no shortage of regret

“If I would’ve done even a simple Google search, I would’ve realized this was not a good company to work with,” said Hutchings. “I really hope that telling people will get them to do their own research and encourage them to do their own research.”