New Spokane coffee shop doubles as canvas for local artists

SPOKANE, Wash. — Emma Whitehouse works for a living, but she lives for her art. 

She is is a Portland native, but moved to Spokane about six years ago with the dream of finding a way to own her business. And now, she owns a coffee shop that doubles as a canvas. 

“I just kind of jumped at the chance because I was like, ‘If I don’t, someone else will and I have nothing to lose now,’” Whitehouse said. 

Whitehouse opened Celestial Beans in the MAD Co. Lab building on Trent Ave four months ago. The building is a collective space that allows local creatives to feature their art. 

Whitehouse took her first art class at four years old and put all of that experience into her business and onto its walls. 

“I use muslin fabric and Elmer’s Glue, dollar store balloons,” Whitehouse said. “I feel like those ones are the most rewarding because it’s literally things that people would consider throwing away and now you have this cool piece of art.” 

She thinks it’s a perfect fit. 

“I really wanted like, with the oranges and greens and earthy tones, I kind of wanted it to feel really warm and just calming. Inviting,” Whitehouse said of her shop. 

So while her heart is in her coffee shop, she hopes her art will pluck heartstrings in the people of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. 

“All my dreams have come true. I have a business, I have a coffee shop that… I never dreamed this would happen.” 

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