New set, new look: Introducing 4 News Now

The Inland Northwest’s source for news and information is getting even better, renewing a commitment to local news in our community. Welcome to 4 News Now.

Along with a new set, which debuted Monday morning, we are rebranding ourselves, too. It’s all part of our promise that you can access news and information that matters to you 24/7. No matter where you are or what time of day it is, you can get 4 News Now.

New set, new look: Introducing 4 News Now

“We know people’s lives are busier than ever and it’s important for us to get the news to them when and where they are,” said Executive News Director Melissa Luck. “4 News Now is more than a name, it’s a promise. Whether you’re watching a feature story on TV or accessing breaking news on your phone during an emergency, we are committed to keeping you connected.”

As part of that effort, we’ve increased our investment in our digital team and digital platforms. That means a better experience on our news app, more live video of events as they happen, urgent updates on our weather app, and alerts that are relevant to your life seven days a week. Expect more timely news updates, more video that helps showcase what’s happening in our community, and more of a commitment to local news that actually matters to you.

State-of-the-Art News Set

Nothing shows our commitment to the community and local news than the news set, designed by Devlin Design Studio.

New set, new look: Introducing 4 News Now

The biggest change viewers will notice are the two large video displays, which will allow us to better showcase video and bring stories to life. Viewers will notice high-quality, HD video which will help our storytelling and help our reporters and anchors better explain and put local news in context. Our entire lighting grid was overhauled as well; old studio lights were replaced with energy-efficient LEDs, making it better for the earth and easier on your eyes at home.

Incorporating the Inland Northwest

While the video monitors showcase technology, viewers will also notice a nod to our local community.
The panels on the set background graduate from light blue to darker, designed to reflect the Spokane River and the waterfalls that provide the heartbeat of our city. The wood accents showcase the timber and trees all around us that are part of our region’s legacy.

New set, new look: Introducing 4 News Now

“Devlin Design Group and the team at KXLY worked together toward a common goal,” said Kartik Dakshinamoorthy, VP of Scenic Design for Devlin Design Group. “The shared vision was to create a scenic storytelling environment that would help the talent bring the audience closer to the story. The design had to reflect the natural beauty of the Spokane area… the place people call home. We’re proud of the success of this collaboration.”

New looks, same strong commitment to community

While the new technology allows us to bring the news closer to the community, it also reflects a commitment to the Inland Northwest that our owners, Morgan Murphy Media, made all the way back in 1962.

“Creating an environment that allows maximum flexibility for our team of dynamic storytellers was the goal,” said Brian Burns, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Morgan Murphy. “I hope the viewers agree that KXLY now has the set to match the terrific content their viewers expect.”

Bold new graphics and logo

Viewers will also notice bold new graphics on the screen and a new logo that reflects our brand.

“We want to assure that, no matter when you watch the broadcast or what you’re doing while you watch, you can read the graphics on the screen and understand the story you’re seeing,” Luck said. “In addition, we’ve added a news ticker at the bottom of the graphics that details the top stories of the day, so that you’ll never miss out on what’s happening in your community and beyond.”

New set, new look: Introducing 4 News Now

Viewers will also notice a play button in the 4 News Now logo, which is a reflection of our commitment to the quality of video you can see across all of our platforms, television and digital.

The redesign of our news set and our overall look is not something that happened overnight.
The new set and the new technology are a reflection of our ongoing commitment to the audience. The more modern look, as well as the emphasis on our digital platforms, will allow us to better serve our community with clear, concise news available when it’s convenient, not just when the traditional newscasts are on tv.

Technology leader in local news

KXLY has often led the way in the Inland Northwest, dating all the way back to our earliest days. KXLY first went on the air in 1953. The family-owned Morgan Murphy Media bought the station in 1962; the same family still owns the company today.

In 1968, KXLY first transmitted color programming to viewers. In 1974, KXLY was the first station in the country to utilize mobile electronic news gathering during the Expo 74 World’s Fair.

New set, new look: Introducing 4 News Now

In 1999, the station was the first in the pacific northwest broadcast full-coverage HDTV signals, premiering with Monday Night Football on ABC. In 2008, KXLY was the first local station to broadcast news in HD. This new set and new look also bring out full high-definition video playback and viewers will immediately notice the change in the quality of video in our broadcasts.

“We are proud to be on the leading edge of broadcast technology, but what matters most is our responsibility as broadcasters to bring news, weather and information to our community,” said Teddie Gibbon, Vice President and General Manager of KXLY. “This new look and new brand allow us to do that by bringing us even closer to the people we serve.”

New set, new look: Introducing 4 News Now

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