New scam targets recently widowed woman

New scam targets recently widowed woman

Spokane Police are warning the community about scammers who are targeting women who have recently lost their husbands.

Donna Wood was married to her husband Larry for almost 38 years. Larry passed away on Sept. 19 and not even a week passed by before scammers were calling her for money.

The scammers claimed they were from a life insurance company and said if Wood wanted a $30,000 claims she needed to fulfill some payments. They asked her to go to Rite Aid and buy cash cards totaling over $1,900.

Donna said after spending hours on the phone with them she nearly fell for the scam. If it wasn’t for her brother who questioned it she would have sent the money.

“I was crushed to begin with that somebody would want to do something like that to me when I was already so vulnerable,” she said. “You know I always thought I was pretty savvy about scams but when you’re going through this kind of emotional trauma you don’t think about those things.”

Police say the cash cards and money order are not traceable, so Wood would have been lost that $1,900.

Authorities say any time someone calls asking for payment in those forms always question it. You should also contact another source that could confirm the payment, which is exactly what Donna did.

Police want anyone who may have received a similar solicitation to call Crime Check at 456-2233.