New Riverfront Park parking lot earned the city $25k in 25 days

North Bank
Ice Age Floods playground at Spokane's Riverfront Park

SPOKANE, Wash – Spokane’s Riverfront Park is fully open and renovated and people are flocking to the new attractions. They’re also paying a lot for parking, with the new lot off of Washington Street earning $25,026 in revenue in just 25 days.

The Spokane Park Board reported the data from May 14th to June 8th. It shows the city expected to collect about $8,000 less than that. According to the report, 3,888 more cars parked in the lot than the city expected.

However, the parking kiosks in the new parking lot at the park’s north bank is causing some confusion as well.

According to the park board’s report, the city collected comments from social media, phone calls and in-person reports. Of the 41 comments, 12 of those people say they paid for parking and got a ticket anyway. Some people didn’t see the signage to know it was a paid lot. In other cases, people said they thought the parking should be free or the price to park was too high.

The report says the city grossly overestimated the percentage of commuters would park in the lot, versus the number of people visiting the park.

According to the park board, the city estimated that 124 of the 149 spaces would be occupied by commuters. The actual number was six per day.

Parking Lot

Overall, the city says the new parking model is achieving its goals. They plan to improve signage, increase awareness for the Flowbird parking app, and “continue to be flexible when issuing citations.”

The city also says it will consider reducing the number of commuter spaces, based on demand.

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