New regional bike map released— get ready to roll!

We’ve only had a few days of warm sun this year, but they already have people itching to get out on their bicycles and ride! If you’re one of them, here’s something to help. The Spokane regional bike map has been updated with all the new bike lanes, paths, and trail connections that were finished in the 2017 construction season.

To see what bicycling options are available in your area, pan and zoom to your neighborhood– or check out the route you take to work or school. Each local jurisdiction within Spokane County has updated information to SRTC on biking facilities to provide a look at the overall bike network for our area.

The map shows shared use paths (pathways separating bicycles and pedestrians from vehicles), bike lanes (a portion of the roadway designated by striping, signing and pavement marking for the exclusive use of bicyclists), signed shared roadways (lanes allowing both vehicular and bicycle traffic that are marked by signs), shared roadways (roads that allow both vehicles and bikes but are not signed) and facilities where bikes are prohibited. There are also commuter and recreational routes and icons on the map showing hills, to give you a heads up about how difficult the route is.

Points on the map- such as trail heads, park and ride lots, and bike shops- can be clicked to view what services they offer, such as restrooms, parking and bike lockers. You can also visit websites for area bike shops by clicking the shop location. A direct link to each shop’s website is included.

The Spokane Regional Bike Map can be viewed on all devices- smartphones, tablets or computers. So dust off your bike and discover all the great places in the Inland Northwest you can go!

To see the map, click here.