New rapid-testing in Spokane can produce results within 15 minutes

SPOKANE, Wash.– The new form of COVID-19 testing is finally in Spokane.

You can find out if you’re infected with the virus in just 15 minutes, but the test is not for everyone.

You have to show COVID-19 symptoms to take the test.

That means a consistent fever, a cough or chills, and you must see a Providence Health doctor in a virtual appointment before showing up.

The test itself is rather simple. In fact, you do it on your own in your car with a quick swab of the nose.

“It’s not a nasal pharyngeal, so it doesn’t have to go all the way up,” Brenda Clark of Providence Health said. “It’s just right inside, so it’s not aggressive.”

Once you do that, someone will run the test inside Providence’s express clinic. Five to 15 minutes later, you have your test results.

It’s not free, so you’ll either need health insurance or have to pay out-of-pocket.

The test costs $60 and the virtual appointment costs $49.

If you don’t have health insurance or can’t afford that, Providence Health urges you to go to the Spokane County Fairgrounds, where testing is free.

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