New PSA links younger tackle football players to heightened risk of CTE

A new public service announcement is asking parents to hold off on signing their kids up for tackle football.

The Concussion Legacy Foundation says, like smoking, the longer you play tackle football, the greater the danger.

A jarring ad titled ‘Tackle Can Wait’ points to a Boston University study, which concluded kids who start tackle football at age five are 10 times more likely to develop CTE than players who started the game at age 14.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a brain disease researchers are finding in many NFL players.

Symptoms often begin decades after the last brain trauma and can include memory loss, aggression, depression, suicidal thoughts, and dementia.

The video’s release lines up with a new study in the Annals of Neurology, which found that the severity of CTE isn’t related to the number of concussions, but the number of years spent playing football.

A 2017 study from the CTE Center looked at the brains of 111 former NFL players- 99% of which showed signs of the disease.

That being said, America still loves its football at all levels.

4 News Now asked parents on our Facebook page if they would let their child play tackle football before the age of 14. Of those, 68 percent said yes, they would.

Thirty-two percent said no.