New police precinct opens in downtown Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — The new Spokane police precinct officially opened in downtown Spokane on Tuesday.

The opening of this new precinct will result in a new kind of police presence across downtown.

“You should immediately start to see more presence just because of our centralized location,” said Chief Craig Meidl.

The precinct is located in the old Umpqua Bank building on Riverside and Wall Street, and will accommodate new and existing officers. It will also serve as the new headquarters for SPD’s Behavioral Health Unit.

“We have not only the downtown precinct officers stationed out of this facility, but we also have our Behavioral Health Unit, which is a joint venture with Spokane Police Department, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and Frontier Behavior Health,” Meidl said. “And they’ll respond to those who are having a mental health issue anywhere in the county.”

Mayor Nadine Woodward said she is glad to see the facility up and running. It is a product of a voter-supported public safety levy passed in 2019, with the goal of having officers more immersed in the Spokane community.

“It’s that type of community policing model that we really want, that is effective,” Woodward said.

“Once we get the officers trained up from this levy that was passed last year, you will see 50 percent more staff downtown in this precinct, as well. So, people should expected to see a lot more police officers. You should be seeing more police officers on foot, on bikes, out just kind of interacting with the public, as well,” Meidl said.

With more officers on the streets, the hope is for the Spokane community to be safer and to feel safer for everyone.

“People who work downtown, people who visit downtown, so we’re really happy to be here,” Woodward said.

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