New phone scam impersonates Spokane Police, claims victims have warrants for arrest

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and Crime Check are reporting that a phone scam has been making the rounds, with scammers pretending to be members of law enforcement.

The Sheriff’s Office sent out a press release Monday addressing what they call the “You have warrants” scam. They say that anytime someone calls and demands payment for a warrant or threatens your arrest, it is always a scam.

They say that law enforcement and other government agencies will never reach out in this manner.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the scam involves someone identifying himself as “Sergeant Rosenthal.” A victim reported that the scammer said she had a warrant out for her arrest, and that she could save herself a lot of time, and could avoid being booked into jail, as long as she went to the courthouse with $1500.

She was also told it would be in her best interest to not contact anyone about the situation.

The victim texted her mother about the information, who had also just received a call from “Lieutenant McNall,” who explained that her daughter had a warrant for her arrest. When she began asking questions, the scammer hung up. The caller ID also fraudulently displayed as Crime Check (509) 456-2233.

This scam was a bit different from others, as it involved falsely displaying the Crime Check phone number and providing plausible officer names.

The Sheriff’s Office says that no matter how official it sounds – this kind of contact is always a scam.

They urge you to share this information with your friends and family, so that everyone becomes aware of this scam.