New Italian-inspired restaurant ‘Gander and Ryegrass’ moving in downtown

New Italian-inspired restaurant ‘Gander and Ryegrass’ moving in downtown

A new restaurant is moving into what was originally ‘Sante’ in downtown Spokane – it is called ‘Gander and Ryegrass’.

Owner Peter Froese’s vision for the new restaurant is to have Italian-inspired meals with several courses.

Similar to Sante’s style, Gander and Ryegrass will incorporate butchered meats in their menu options.

“I spent time in Seattle, butchering meat in the morning and cooking pasta at night,” said Froese. “We are bringing in whole animals and butchering them.”

He appreciates a coursed meal, and has set up the entire menu to provide several options including freshly-butchered meat.

“We’re continuing in the spirit of Sante in terms of butchery and eventually get into cured meat,” said Froese.

Gander and Ryegrass has a variety of dishes – from sweetbread, to meats, to their newest addition of octopus.

Something Froese has always loved is pasta. He has created a pasta section on the menu, and made it a point to try to hand- craft pasta every day. Gander and Ryegrass has six pastas on their menu at all times, and Froese believes that pasta is a really important staple in a meal.

“I love the fact that pasta will always ground you, if you do it too fancy, it gets lost,” he said.

Froese says that they make a fresh batch of pasta every day, and though not all their pastas are made in-house, you can almost always expect their fresh-cut pappardelle will be on the menu.

“We’re not pulling dried pasta out of a box, we’re cracking our own eggs and milling our own flour,” said Froese.

You can expect new plating styles and an entirely different flavor palette as well as new decor.

Gander and Ryegrass is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5-10 p.m., and will remain at its original location at Main and Washington. They are planning on adding a lunch service down the road Learn more about the restaurant here.