New I-90 ramp meters start today: here’s what you need to know

SPOKANE, Wash. — Since 2019, Spokane has had one ramp meter for drivers traveling north on US 195 as they merge onto I-90. However, today that all changes as new meters start and continue switching on for the month of April.

Here’s a list of where those meters will go and when they’re going to activate:

April 13 – Walnut Street/Monroe Street eastbound onramp
April 14 – Browne Street/Division Street eastbound onramp
April 15 – Hamilton Street eastbound onramp
April 21 – Browne Street/Division Street westbound onramp

The meters will only activate when traffic is heavy enough. However, when they are activated, expect to stop at a red light until a signal tells you it’s safe to merge. The ramps all have a different traffic pattern, so the Department of Transportation has released this video drivers can watch to understand these new driving patterns.