New hope in sight for Idaho child battling cancer

New hope in sight for Idaho child battling cancer

A North Idaho family has new hope as Bradley “Michael” Jordan, Jr. battles cancer.

He spent more than a month at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, in Spokane. Even on the hard days when he goes through chemotherapy, Jordan still had a smile on his face.

Doctors diagnosed him with acute myeloid leukemia in May, which is an aggressive type of cancer affecting bone marrow and blood. His mom, Anna Crecelius, said she and her husband knew something was wrong when he started getting really bad bruises.

“It got to where he would just barely be tapped and he’d have massive, like big hematomas, and deep bruising,” Crecelius said.

Jordan’s family was scared. They already knew a little bit about the cancer because his grandmother was diagnosed with the same cancer just a few months earlier.

So they prayed and put their trust in doctors at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital.

Then, a month and a half after his diagnoses, Jordan’s parents got the news they’d been waiting for.

Doctors found a perfect match for the stem cell transplant Jordan’s life depends on.

“I couldn’t stop crying because I thought it was going to be months, if not years before we found a match,” Crecelius said.

Jordan’s in Seattle now, preparing for that transplant.

Before they left Spokane, his mom explained how thankful she was for Sacred Heart and the Children’s Miracle Network.

“We’ve never felt like a burden here, which you don’t find a lot of places,” Crecelius said.

She said it’s the little things that made the biggest difference.

“We had a balloon that had Mickey Mouse on one side and Minnie Mouse on the other, and my son kept that on his bedside until it literally deflated and hit the ground. Little things like that make their day,” Crecelius said.

It’ll be weeks before Jordan’s transplant in Seattle, but already, his family is looking forward to the future with their baby boy.

“Maybe when he gets older even he can come in and start volunteering and helping other kids because he definitely loves that when other people come and visit him,” Crecelius said.

Jordan’s family is hosting a fundraiser to help pay for his expensive medical bills. The event Aug. 11th includes a motorcycle ride, silent auction, music, and food.

New hope in sight for Idaho child battling cancer