New gynecologic oncology clinic opens at Sacred Heart

New gynecologic oncology clinic opens at Sacred Heart

Providence Medical Group has now opened a gynecologic oncology clinic at Sacred Heart, as it continues to expand the services offered in its Women’s Center. The clinic brings together all the services patients of the clinic need all under one roof.

“Our patients don’t need to go to multiple locations,” said Dr. Susannah Mourton. “We can do all their lab work, chemotherapy, imaging and surgery in one location.”

The hope, that will help decrease stress and improve healthcare, during what is already a stressful time for women. It will also allow them to be seen by the same health care providers throughout the entire treatment process.

“We have patients that are in their teen years and patients into their nineties, gynecologic cancers affect all ages of women,” said Dr. Elizabeth Grossen.

The doctors say they will be incorporating the latest research and medical trials into their treatment procedures.

“We want people to live longer, to have better lives and less toxicity,” said Dr. Melanie Bergman. “It’s really important to look towards the future, as far as cancer treatments instead of doing what we have for years.”

She says gynecologic cancers can be very dangerous as they are often caught during later stages compared to other cancers because there are not as many early warning signs.

Women experiencing symptoms such as irregular bleeding, persistent abdominal discomfort that can’t be explained, and persistent urinary troubles, that are repeated and aren’t true urinary tract infections, should see their general care doctors or OB-GYN’s and can be referred to the new clinic.

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