New four-wheeled attraction at Spokane Riverfront Park

Three new pedal-powered carts are calling Spokane’s Riverfront Park home for the foreseeable future. Two of the carts are single seated, the other is a double.

In order to drive the carts you must be five years of age, but to sit in the back seat of the double, there is no age limit, just a maximum weight limit of 60 pounds.

The seats on the carts are adjustable for height.

Currently, you rent them from the Ice Ribbon and need to wear a helmet. For a half of an hour, it will run you $7.95 and for a full hour it is $9.95.

“You can go pretty much anywhere in the park not restricted by construction right now,” said Jonathan Moog, the Park’s Director.

Taking the carts into downtown off park property is not allowed.

“The park is always trying new things and we wanted to explore different ways to engage the community,” said Mood.

Pedestrians, who have felt the impact of the new Lime bikes, are keeping more of an open mind about the carts.

“I think it will be alright,” said Nick Jiles, a resident. “They don’t go as fast as the scooters.”