New dog park now open in Ponderay

New dog park now open in Ponderay
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A new dog park is now open in Ponderay.

“I really had an interest in coming up with a park for Sandpoint or Ponderay, because we didn’t have anything up here,” said Project Manager Steve Nybank. “People have been trying to do something for many years up here and I decided, well, I’m gonna give it my best.”

Until Ponderay Petsafe Dog Park, dog owners had to make the trip to Coeur d’Alene for the nearest off-leash dog park.

The plan began last Fall, when Nybank spoke to his veteranarian, who was interested in building a place for people’s pups.

The park is wheel chair accessible and uses a specific type of pea gravel that’s low odor, low dust, and, when hit by the sun, self cleaning.

The park was funded by the community, which managed to raise over $200,000 in a span of four months.

“We had a super positive response from everyone, and that’s what made it happen,” said Nybank.