New details in drive-by shooting show officer was inches away from death

SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane Police officer was looking for drive-by shooters when he became a victim himself.

“I’ve been shot. Officer down at Empire and Perry, send medics,” radioed Officer Honaker on Sunday.

Now, that shooting has the community calling to end the violence.

Spokane’s Mayor Nadine Woodward says that Officer Honaker was inches away from losing his life, and court documents prove it. He was shot in the leg and head, and each head wound needed a staple to close it up.

That officer called into dispatch saying he’d been shot, and court documents say he was “bleeding profusely” from injuries to his head.

Police are also investigating the possibility of another officer being targeted that day. She told dispatch she was being followed. Scanner audio and police say the officer’s voice sounded like she was in fear for her safety.

“Different than normal; I could tell something wasn’t right,” said one officer of the other being followed.

That officer, who said she was being followed, saw the shooting and said the suspects were filming the whole thing. After the shooting, the suspects crashed their cars twice.

Court documents say officers a large amount of drugs, including blue pills that looked like counterfeit oxycontin pills containing fentanyl.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich says these men are gang members and used the incident to demonstrate a rise in violent crime in the city.

“If you’re a gang member, drug dealer, we’re coming for you,” said Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich. “Be put on notice. It’s time to maybe leave Spokane County. You’re not going to like it here.”

The sheriff, Spokane Police, as well as other county and city leaders, announced a new effort to crack down on these crime on Thursday. The plan is to form a regional Violent Crimes Task Force with other agencies. The end goal is to keep kids safe from dying and keep the community safe from the rise of gun violence.

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