New details emerge in Medical Lake High School explicit photo drive

New details emerge in Medical Lake High School explicit photo drive

According to the warrant filed in Spokane County Superior Court, investigators found more than 30 files of nude and sexually explicit photos of girls aged between 14-17 years old on a Google Drive account.

The suspect is a 17-year old Medical Lake High School student, who had been charging for access to the drive.

The investigation into the drive began when a 16-year old, who had paid for access to the drive, found photos of a family friend and told the girls father, who then contacted the authorities.

“The big thing here is not to come to a conclusion,” said Spokane County Sheriff’s spokesman, Mark Gregory. “The big thing here is that we will be doing a thorough investigation to find out what exactly happened here, and then when we do, we will be able to hold people accountable.”

The principal of Medical Lake High School confirmed with investigators that the majority of the photographed girls are current Medical Lake High School students.

According to the warrant, the youngest photographed girl is thought to be 14.

When KXLY reached out to the Medical Lake School District for comment, the district said “no comment.”

No arrests have been made yet and Spokane County Sheriff’s say this investigation is going to be complex and time-intensive as they track down students and devices that may have been involved in viewing and uploading photos to the drive.

The Sheriff’s Office says the investigation is still in its infancy, but in interviews already done with students, one student told investigators he’d paid 10 dollars to get access to the drive and another said that the suspect had asked him and others to upload additional explicit photos of girls. At least one did.

The Sheriff’s Office has also said they are working to make sure the photos are no longer accessed, and will work to contact parents of the photographed girls once they are identified.

They encourage parents to talk with their children and make them aware of the consequences of sending photos of themselves.

“Please talk with your kids and explain to them how this can impact them in the future,” said Gregory. “You need to tell them that once they hit send, the no longer have control of the photo and that if they don’t want everybody to see it, then don’t send it.”

He says that applies for texts and even embarrassing photos that aren’t explicit. He says during this day and age you should assume that a screen-shot of the photo will be taken and sent to others.