New charges for woman accused of hiring hitman to kill husband

New charges for woman accused of hiring hitman to kill husband

A Spokane Valley woman who is already in jail for allegedly arranging to have her own husband murdered, is now facing several new charges including arson and insurance fraud.

Thursday, Martie Soderberg’s daughter told us her mom was getting railroaded by the criminal justice system.

Soderberg’s daughter, Jessica, is not in denial about some of her mother’s dishonest and downright cut-throat practices, she is just trying to protect her mom from a seven year prison term.

We first told you about Martie Soderberg back in October.

That’s when she was charged with hiring a high school classmate to kill her husband.

Soderberg and the would-be hit-man met at a Jack in the Box to hammer out the details.

Deputy Mark Gregory, with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, explained, “she started to explain that she was unhappy in her marriage of 15 years and that it had become physically and verbally abusive, and that she wanted her husband gone.”

Detectives say Soderberg wanted to collect her husband’s insurance money after he was dead.

However, according to his stepdaughter Russell Soderberg will be a reluctant witness if Martie’s case goes to trial.

Jessica said “yea he’s stood by her side. He’s told everyone where he stands. He says he still loves her and he’s willing to stand behind her and no one’s liking that.”

And Jessica thinks that’s one reason why prosecutors lodged a half dozen new charges against Mrs. Soderberg in court on Thursday. Among the new charges, first degree arson and first degree theft.

Prosecutors claim that she had a friend burn down Soderberg’s Medical Lake trailer in 2013 to pocket $75,000 in insurance money.

The potential arson scheme was uncovered while detectives were investigating the murder for hire plot.

Soderberg recently had a chance to plead guilty to putting out a hit on her husband, but refused.

Now her daughter thinks the state is dog-piling her mom with charges that date back to 2010.

“I feel like it is. She decides not to take a plea and then all of a sudden, these new charges come out. It’s like they are railroading her.”

Jessica is also frustrated that even though someone named Dennis has confessed to setting that Medical Lake trailer on fire, he has not been charged with arson.

According to court documents, Mrs. Soderberg was actually extorting money from the arsonist saying she’d snitch him off for the fire she requested if Dennis didn’t keep on paying.