New beginnings for Spokane city leadership as Mayor Nadine Woodward officially takes office

Former anchor Nadine Woodward is Spokane's 45th mayor
Nadine Woodward is offically sworn in as Spokane's new mayor
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SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane officially has a new mayor. From the anchor desk to city hall, former local broadcaster Nadine Woodward was inaugurated into office Monday.
She is Spokane’s 45th mayor, and the city’s 4th woman to lead the city.

Local leaders from Spokane Fire and Spokane Police were in the ceremony’s crowd, as well as members of Woodward’s campaign team.  The inauguration took place Monday during a very chilly, and snowy afternoon under The Pavilion at Riverfront Park. It’s the same place Spokane’s newest mayor celebrated with the community she will lead for the next four years during her evening reception.

While Monday was strictly centered around Woodward, it was also a pivotal point for city leaders past, present, and future.

It’s a time for new beginnings.

“We look forward to the next chapter with our lives and our family. We’re pretty excited,” said David Condon, former Spokane mayor.


“Letting go of some of the dreams that we hoped that we would’ve achieved through the last eight years, and dreaming up some new ones with a new mayor and a new council,” said Breean Beggs, Spokane City Council president.

And celebration.

“Like wow, I finally did this. I helped out on something bigger. It’s a warm feeling, it’s a good feeling. It’s just great,” said Daniel Backlund, a junior at Mead High School who served on Woodward’s campaign.

Condon passed the mayoral torch onto Woodward underneath the pavilion, lit in her campaign colors.

An accomplishment for the former broadcaster and her campaign team partly made up of local high school students.

“Since the beginning, we’ve all been waiting for this day. Now that it’s finally here, it’s just unreal,” said Carson Magee, a junior at Coeur d’Alene High School who served on Woodward’s campaign.

In her speech, Woodward emphasized the points she ran her campaign on, including solving Spokane’s homeless crisis.

“A hand up, not a handout,” Mayor Woodward said.

Additionally, she talked about moving the downtown precinct back to the core.

“We need to give our law enforcement the right tools to do their job effectively and it starts with more officers on patrol,” Mayor Woodward said.

Focusing strongly on the importance of working together as community to accomplish these goals.

“I thank you, Spokane, for your confidence in my leadership,” Mayor Woodward said.

4 News Now reached out to Mayor Woodward after the inauguration for an interview, and she declined.