Neighbors worry about traffic safety in Airway Heights, City says updates are on the way

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash.– Crossing the street should be anything but complicated, but as traffic increases, pedestrians are more worried about getting where they need to go safely.

At Hayford Road, right off Highway 2 in Airway Heights, crossing the street is more difficult and dangerous.

More people are moving into Airway Heights, and the area has been busier with more Northern Quest events. Some neighborhood residents say that the current safety measures are not doing enough to protect people.

In problem areas, crosswalk lines are barely visible to pedestrians, and pedestrians are barely visible to cars.

There are bus stops and crosswalks at 9th and Hayford and 12th and Hayford. Linda McNeill and her husband live nearby and use the bus to get around. Her husband has blinking lights on his wheelchair which he turns on when crossing the four-lane street, and there are bright pedestrian signs at the crossing, but Linda worries it is not enough to catch drivers’ attention.

McNeill says something needs to be done now, arguing that new development will continue to congest traffic. She says waiting too long could cost a life.

“If you don’t do it now, you’re not going to do it later. People are going to move in. More people are going to get hurt before something is done,” McNeill says.

The city says a blinking pedestrian light will go up at 9th and Hayford. The City Council just approved that measure, and construction should be complete by next month.

“The one to the north on 9th–that’s going to be done next month,” says Kevin Anderson, the Director of Public Works for Airway Heights.

“There’s got to be more,” McNeill added.

More is on the way. Pedestrians can expect a complete stop at 12th and Hayford in the upcoming future.

The city says it’s working on final details for that project. Construction will begin soon and should be completed by next summer.

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