Neighbors work together to shut down nuisance home in North Spokane

Neighbors work together to shut down nuisance home in North Spokane

A North Spokane home has been shut down after neighbors have complained for months about drug activity and possible prostitution happening at the home.

Monday morning, Spokane police forced the owners of the home in the 6100 block of N. Nettleton to vacate. Neighbors say the homeowners have been making life miserable for everyone else.

“A lot of drug issues, traffic coming and going at all certain hours of the night. It’s just been, it’s a nuisance house,” said one woman who didn’t want to be identified.

Neighbors have even reported that people at the home were using the backyard shed and potted plants to go to the bathroom. Police have been monitoring the home for about eight months now.

“Everybody in this neighborhood have got together and pushed it to get it going and to get these people out of here,” the unidentified woman said.

“They called Crime Check, thy worked with their resource officer in their area, so that we could take the action necessary,” said Shane Phillips, public information officer for the Spokane Police Department.

Spokane police say a problem neighborhood can’t be taken care of without the help of a vigilant neighborhood.

“Part of our statutes say there has to be a certain number of calls for service of a certain type over a certain amount of period for us to take action,” Phillips said.

And the process isn’t a short one. Police say part of the reason for that is because they want to give homeowners as many chances to fix the situation as they can.

“We don’t want to abate a house, we don’t want to kick anyone out,” Phillips said. “That’s really a last resort for us.”

According to court documents, the city notified the homeowners that they were going to abate the home if drug activity didn’t stop, but it continued anyways.

“In this case, they were seeing hand-to-hand drug deals on a regular basis,” Phillips said.

Now, neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief.

“I’m happy. I’m really happy. Now everybody can be happy and have a nice quiet neighborhood back together again,” the unidentified woman said.

Police add if you have a nuisance home in your neighborhood, make sure you call Crime Check. Even if an officer doesn’t respond to each incident, they can still log the call for service, which is needed in getting a nuisance home abated.