Neighbors struggling to get mail after one threatens mailman

Neighbors struggling to get mail after one threatens mailman

More than 30 homes in the Shadle neighborhood are struggling to get their mail after one neighbor threatened the mailman.

Resident Dennis Craig said the incident happened 3 weeks ago. He found out after one of his elderly neighbors phoned him, upset, saying a postal worker had come to her home asking if they could install a cluster mailbox.

Craig realized he hadn’t received his mail in 4 days and went to his post office to get answers. He was informed that a letter had gone out.

“If you aren’t delivering our mail, how do we get the notice?” He asked, adding that the postal worker went to retrieve their mail and that his wife found the notice inside.

It’s just one of the frustrating incidents he’s experienced. “No communication,” he said.

The cluster mailbox is one method suggested for getting mail delivered to Wabash Avenue between A Street and Alberta Street; an option neighbors are not in favor of.

“If they put it on our property, what are the liabilities to us? Keeping it shoveled in the winter time, and what if someone slips and falls?” asked Craig.

A simple Internet search shows their concerns are valid. Across the country, many issues have arisen over these mass mailboxes, including vandalism, liability and the impact on property value.

The post office advised neighbors they weren’t able to find a location for the cluster mailbox so they moved on to plan b, which is to issue no fee, P.O. Boxes to the addresses affected by the ongoing issue.

Craig is unhappy this decision as it still doesn’t answer the question of how his home bound neighbors will receive their mail.

KXLY 4 reached out to the Garland Post Office and asked if there was anything that could be done for those who can’t physically get to their post office box. They said unfortunately there isn’t and those who can’t usually give their key to a caretaker.