Neighbors react after suspected armed robber killed by SPD

Neighbors react after suspected armed robber killed by SPD

An armed robber was killed by Spokane Police Tuesday morning after he allegedly robbed Safeway at 1616 W. Northwest Blvd.

Witness Myla Trapp suddenly found herself explaining to her young children why there was a dead body near her in home off Madison and Sharp, just a day after Christmas.

“A lot of police and a lot of tape,” said Myla Trapp. “We were pretty much blocked in.”

Around 5:45 a.m. Tuesday, police said a suspect walked into the Safeway on Northwest Blvd and threatened a clerk with a gun.

Police said a witness followed the suspect and then the suspect began firing a weapon.

Witnesses backed off and police took over the pursuit to a neighborhood near Madison and Sharp.

“During the course of developing that tactical plan, the subject did try to leave in the vehicle,” said Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl. “Officers moved to block the vehicle in and the subject then fled on foot.”

At some point, an officer opened fire and shot and killed the suspect. Trapp watched the investigation unfold from inside her home all day. She now wants to know why the suspect’s body was left uncovered most of the day for neighbors and children to see.

“I think they could have covered him up at least as a respect thing for everyone else,” said Trapp.