Neighbors get answers after police catch alleged South Hill murderer

Neighbors get answers after police catch alleged South Hill murderer

A South Hill neighborhood, on edge for nearly a week as police searched for a killer.

Neighbor Howard Brayman said, “this is probably the worst that’s happened.”

“I’m going to go home and lock all my doors and stay inside,” added Shirley Wilson last week.

Saturday an arrest and Tuesday, some answers after a shooting rampage left a Tenth Avenue apartment building’s owner and manager shot in the head by an unknown female.

Howard Brayman said of the suspect, “she wasn’t from around here and she went one way, looking up like she was looking for someone or trying to find someone. Then I saw her walk back the other way.”

Police say that woman was 23-year old Anne Carpenter. Her father was a tenant in the building and witnesses say, he had been having issues with the building’s manager, Michael Troy. Troy had been considering evicting Carpenter’s father. She showed up at the complex last week searching for Troy and was told to leave by building’s owner, Danette Kane.

She didn’t, eventually finding Troy and shooting him in the parking lot, seriously injuring him.

Court documents say, “Carpenter could’ve fled after firing at Michael Troy. Instead of doing this, Carpenter made a deliberate move to enter the stairwell and move closer to Danette Kane, in order to fire at her.”

Kane died on scene.

Carpenter appeared in court Tuesday afternoon to face one count of murder and one count of assault.

Police say tips following the release of a composite seen on KXLY 4 News helped to catch her.

“The community’s response was overwhelming and we can’t do our job effectively without the community’s buy in and this was a perfect example,” explained Spokane Police Department’s Public Information Officer John O’Brien.

Carpenter’s boss at the Spokesman-Review newspaper reportedly saw the composite sketch too.
When he called in a tip, police asked if there might be any footage of carpenter leaving work that day.

There was and in it, Carpenter is allegedly seen wearing the very same jacket that was found near the crime scene by police K9.