Neighbors devastated by aftermath of Elmer City fire

Neighbors devastated by aftermath of Elmer City fire

As police continue to investigate what caused a 15-acre fire to break out at the Grandview Village Mobile Home Park Tuesday night, neighbors are devastated by the damage left behind.

As Kimberly Christensen looked at the aftermath for the first time Wednesday, she reflected on the first time she visited the neighborhood with her partner Mike.

“It was just absolutely a dream come true. I fell in love with this,” she said. “And that day I fell in love with Mike, even more so, and his parents.”

Now, thirty years later, there’s hardly anything left of Mike’s childhood home. The fire that whipped through Elmer City last night destroyed four homes and damaged two others.

Kimberly and Mike have been renting out their home to a family, looking to make memories of their own. Now, they’re left without a place to live. The home that held all of their keepsakes was destroyed, but what’s left standing feels miraculous to Kimberly.

“So many beautiful memories were made here. My mom and dad loved the roses. They had a big rose garden. And this is just about one of the only things that’s left on the property,” she said. “Knowing that her two rose bushes made it, our two favorite varieties, we are really blessed in that. That we could take those home to start our own memories.”

The fire has Kimberly counting her blessings.

“Things can be replaced and memories will be forever in our mind,” she said. “All the memories that were made, that will be what’s forever in our home.”

She told KXLY 4 many in the tight-knit community who lost everything don’t have insurance, but she believes the neighborhood will come together in the days and weeks to come.

“Everyone loves one another and that’s one of the greatest things about our communities here,” she said.

No injuries were reported in the fire.