Neighbors band together to shut down chronic problem house

Neighbors band together to shut down chronic problem house

Neighbors in Spokane successfully worked together to shut down what police are calling a “chronic problem house.”

Neighbors, like Kevin Cash, say the Indian Trail area is normally a peaceful neighborhood.

“It’s a wonderful neighborhood. We’ve lived here for a number of years and we are close with our neighbors,” Cash said.

Except one home on the corner of Indian Trail Road has been a major problem.

“When it’s affecting the neighborhood in negative way, it’s affecting all of us. It’s going too far,” Cash said.

He says his neighbors saw illegal activity often at the home.

“Like drugs and the smell of production of methamphetamine. There are stories of prostitutes going in and out of there. It’s spooky. I got kids, I don’t want them here with that potential stuff going on,” Cash said.

The house sits right across from a school crosswalk zone. Spokane police officers have responded to the home 57 times in the last year.

This isn’t the only home like this in Spokane. Back in May, another nuisance home in north Spokane was shut down thanks to a city ordinance which changes the definition of “chronic nuisance property” to include homes that have three nuisance activities in 60 days or seven within 12 months.

Through cooperation with their neighborhood conditions officer and the city attorney’s office, Kevin and his neighbors succeeded in shutting down this problem property.

“We banded together as a community and as a neighborhood, looking out for one another and we helped the city take care of it,” Cash said.

Officers secured the property. If the tenants return, they will be arrested for trespassing.

“Glad to be over and done with it,” Cash said.

Spokane Police say if you have a problem property in your neighborhood, contact your Neighborhood Conditions Officer for more information on the abatement process.