Neighborhood association files lawsuit over proposed Glenrose sports complex

A ten-year debate over a South Hill sportsplex has gone one step further tonight as the neighbors who would live near it have taken legal action, filing a lawsuit against Spokane County building and planning director John Pederson.

Neighbors are concerned the Spokane Youth Sports Association’s proposed 20-acre sports complex with space for a basketball court, plus soccer and baseball fields with stadium lighting and hundreds of parking spaces will take away from the rural feel that made them move to Glenrose in the first place. SYSA did not respond to 4 News Now’s request for comment Monday.

“It’s just serene. Very serene,” said Sharlene Bozanich, a resident of 30 years. “I can’t imagine listening to a loud speaker going through all hours of the night, til 10.”

That’s what she believes will happen, should plans for the sports complex move forward. She and many others have an issue with the way it’s been zoned by Spokane County.

“They talked, originally about — this would be a community recreation area and we were thinking, ‘okay, they’re gonna put in walking paths and everything, so it was gonna be a community thing that everyone could use,'” said Bozanich. “It just morphed into this huge complex of noise and light.”

Glenrose Association president Bob Hyslop said those are some of the biggest concerns, along with traffic on the area’s rural roads. Hyslop wants to challenge the organization’s ability to build the complex on parcels zoned as urban reserve.

“It’s a whole different ballgame. It’s not a community recreation facility,” said Hyslop. “We simply asked the planning department and their head John Pederson to look at this and to reassess what the accuracy was of this.”

Hyslop said those requests went ignored by Pederson.

“They charge a fee to ask for this assessment. He sent our check back and said that he wouldn’t do it,” Hyslop said. “I mean, it’s sad. I think it’s absolutely a sad scenario.”

Hyslop and Bozanich said the neighborhood association filed the lawsuit in an attempt to get the county’s attention — and possibly get Pederson to reconsider the proposal altogether.

“It would just be nice to be able to get somebody on our side,” Bozanich said. “It’s very peaceful and it’s nice to be able to sit out here and enjoy that. And that will be gone — all summer it will be gone, all spring it will be gone.”

A Spokane County spokesperson told 4 News Now they were not able to comment on the lawsuit. You can read it in full below.

Glenrose Sportsplex lawsuit by Erin Robinson on Scribd