National Weather Service promotes heat safety with clever video

SPOKANE, Wash. — The National Weather Service wants to keep you and your pet safe from the heat this holiday weekend.

In a playful video posted to Twitter, the NWS showed popsicles melting in different heated locations. Situated in a shady area around 85 degrees, the first popsicle took 23 minutes to melt.

The second popsicle, also in 85 degree weather but this time directly in the sun, melted much faster at 17 minutes. That rate only increased in the car, where it took just 15 minutes for the popsicle to completely melt.

The video was accompanied by several heat safety tips:

When it spending time outside, the NWS says remember to stay hydrated. When in the water, it can be easy to forget your body also needs hydration.

Those experts also suggest limiting your amount of outdoor activities, or at least make sure to take frequent breaks in the shade.

Lastly, remember to never leave people or pets unattended in a hot car.

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