NASA astronauts train at Fairchild Air Force Base

NASA astronauts train at Fairchild Air Force Base

Air Force pilots going through water survival training at Fairchild Air Force Base were joined by some standout trainees Thursday — three NASA astronauts.

The exercise was designed for pilots to learn how to survive in the water if they ever need to bail out of a flight. A total of 33 trainees participated in the simulation, which marked NASA’s third trip to Fairchild.

The base’s pool is custom-built for water survival training and gives trainees a lifelike look into a nightmare situation — complete with strong waves, wind and rain.

Astronaut and Navy commander Victor Glover said while the astronauts are going through the same training as the Air Force pilots alongside them, they’ll be put to different tests.

“Now you’re going to have the affects of being in space for a couple of weeks to six months,” Glover said. “Which you’re going to degrade your abilities and it’s almost like being in a first aid situation like what they’re teaching you here.”

Glover said he’s completed the necessary training to be eligible for a call to his first-ever mission. Now, he’s focused on keeping his skills sharp so he can be ready when the time comes.