N. Spokane homeowner speaks up after neighbors make complaints against him and his backyard

An update to a story 4 News Now first brought to you Tuesday. Some homeowners in north Spokane are complaining about a messy man living in their neighborhood.

His backyard is filled with old furniture, trash, and even an old broken down car.

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4 News Now tried reaching out to the homeowner Tuesday, but he wasn’t home. He contacted us Wednesday morning after watching the story and hearing what his neighbors said. He told us, that’s not the whole story.

The homeowner, Randy Anderson said he agrees with how his neighbors feel. He said looking at his yard and the mess it comes with – he’d be upset, too. But he wants people to understand how it’s gotten to this point. It’s not that he wants his yard to look like that, it’s just that life’s gotten in the way of doing something about it.

“Even I didn’t notice this was as big of an eyesore. And then I’m walking around like – man, I’m that person that I see on the news that’s always like this has been an eyesore for years,” Anderson said.

Anderson has lived in his north Spokane home for 35 years.

“I’m not denying or saying anything is wrong other than some of the statements people have made,” Anderson said.

One man, Kevin Getchell, said he has tried asking the City of Spokane for help, but that didn’t work.

“I’ve called the city councilman from the northeast sector of Spokane six different times and he just refuses to return my calls because he knows what the subject matter is,” neighbor Kevin Getchell said Tuesday.

Anderson told 4 News Now, the city is taking care of it. They sent him an order to clean his property and said he is complying.

“Issued the 13th and compliance by the 27th,” Anderson said.

Anderson said his neighbors might know that, if they talked to him.

“We talk to him all about it,” neighbor Delano Deleon said Tuesday.

Anderson said they haven’t.

“Nobody’s ever even really said hello. She, once in a while, will ‘hey’ and that’s kind of about it,” Anderson said.

“Oh, we don’t get nothing out of him. He just says he’s going to get to it every once in a while, but everybody’s mad because he won’t get to it,” Deleon said.

“Making out like – we talked to him six times. And he said – yeah, I’ll get to it. Yeah, I’ll get to it. I’m just thinking nobody once in my entire life has come up and talked to me about this mess,” Anderson said.

Anderson also wants people to know the circumstances of why his home is like this.

His wife passed away when his kids were still young which left him a single parent.

“Suddenly you have no money and no time. Things start slowing down to a snail’s pace,” Anderson said.

Then just a year ago, his mom died.

“You work all day and all night. You don’t have a lot of money because you have to pay your mom’s taxes and bills that she owed and medical,” Anderson said. “It’s a pit. It disgusts me and it makes me feel really bad because I used to be the neighbor that everyone looked at like, oh my gosh, look at that. Look what they’ve done. We’ve got a waterfall in the corner. This was immaculate.”

Anderson said it’s his goal to get it that way again, but it’s hard when you’re alone.

He said he has a large truck scheduled to rent, and he took the day off from work to haul everything out to the dump. That will happen on the September 29.