“My Three Sons” looking for a fourth championship

“My Three Sons” looking for a fourth championship

Hoopfest brings out the best in families and “My Three Sons” is proof. The three-time Hoopfest champions are at it again this year to try and make it four-in-a-row.

The team is made up of three brothers in their 20’s and their dad, Floyd Rhodes, who insists he’s the best.

“I would say dad is the best,” Floyd boasted.

As family, you can’t argue with dad, but when you’re a team the rules change.

“My Three Sons” looking for a fourth championship

“He can say that, but you know it’s yours truly,” Warren Rhodes said.

“I don’t about that he’s pretty good for 58, but I dunno if he’s the best,” Floyd Rhodes the Fourth said.

“He’s the biggest ball hog!” Joshua Rhodes said.

Warren, Floyd the Fourth and Joshua make up “My three Sons”. They’ve been playing together with dad rounding out the team since 2008 and have taken home three champion t-shirts. The boys are happy to have dad on their team.

“We used to play as kids against our dad for yard work, so the three of us would lose and he’d make us do yard work, so it’s nice to actually have him on the team,” Joshua said.

All four teammates love basketball, but Hoopfest is also a chance for this tight-knit family to spend an entire weekend together.

“I’m in Dallas, my brother is in New Jersey and we just come back and one love we do have together is basketball,” Warren said.

Mom is their biggest fan.

“I taught him how to do defense and him how to shoot,” she said pointing at her sons.

My three sons won both of their games on Saturday and have to win three more games on Sunday to bring home their fourth Hoopfest champion t-shirt.