‘My mom can’t have brain surgery;’ Woman’s family left waiting due to elective surgeries being postponed.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Many hospitals have put surgeries on hold for the second time in this pandemic. They’re doing this to make room for those fighting COVID, but for those waiting for their turn, it’s emotional.

Kim Schmidt’s mom had a stroke two years ago, and since then she’s been living in fear that another stroke could take her mother for good.

“After she had a little bit of recovery from her stroke, we went ahead and did an angiogram and noticed she had a problem in the same spot where she had a brain bleed before,” Schmidt said.

She was supposed to have surgery Wednesday at Providence Sacred Heart Hospital, and potentially solve some residual stroke symptoms recovery wasn’t fixing. On Tuesday night they received a call saying that surgery was going to be delayed.

“The entire thing was a huge letdown, because she needs to have the surgery,” Schmidt said. “You know she is at risk of having another brain bleed right now, and then this happens. So there was a little bit of light and then it got squashed.”

Their family isn’t alone, 45 families across both Sacred Heart and Holy Family hospitals are being called daily about their surgery being postponed because of this pandemic.

Division Chief for Providence’s Surgery Department, Dr. Michael Moore explained making those decisions isn’t easy.

“I think the hardest ones are the ones where there is a pressing need and you’re trying desperately to compare the pressing need of one to another, and you have to choose,” Dr. Moore said.

Schmidt and her family have no choice but to wait.

“She is in danger of having another brain bleed, another stroke which we don’t want to happen,” Schmidt said.

Right now, they don’t have a scheduled date for the surgery. Schmidt explained she had taken time off and had rearranged her work schedule so she could take care of her mom after the surgery. All of it had to be canceled.

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