‘My husband is going to haunt them’: Widow searches for her late husband’s ashes, stolen during Spokane visit

SPOKANE, Wash. — A widow from Tennessee says her trip to Spokane has turned into a nightmare. Irreplaceable memories were stolen from her car, including some of her husband’s ashes. 

Now, she has a message for the thief. 

She says her husband is going to haunt the criminal until she gets her memorial necklace back. Though she used to live in Spokane, she says it’s no longer her home after what happened. 

It’s a long drive from Tennessee to Spokane, but April Williamson didn’t care. She had plenty of reasons to come. 

“It was 2,500 miles to watch my grandson graduate, even though it was a drive-thru, I was still here. I still kept my promise,” said Williamson. 

She also gets to meet her great grandson for the first time. She never thought her road trip across the country would turn out like this. 

“I’m ready to go home,” said Williamson. “This isn’t home anymore. All the time I lived here, I was never violated like this.” 

Williamson went out to her car Sunday morning and discovered irreplaceable items were gone. 

“It was my wedding band from my husband that died in 2016. It was the memorial necklaces that contained his ashes. It was the jewelry that he gave me,” said Williamson. “I spent 20 years with the man.” 

Williamson says her doors were locked. She thinks the thief used a Slim Jim type of tool to break in. Her professional camera and lenses were also stolen. They can be replaced. 

“I’ll never have my wedding band back. I’ll never have my ashes back,” said Williamson. “My husband is going to haunt them until I get them back, or until they die. They’ll never get over that.” 

Williamson filed a police report. She’s also been calling pawn shops around town. 

She’ll be heading back to Tennessee in a few days, and would like to bring her husband back with her. 

“I want him where he belongs, and that’s with me,” she said.

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