Muscle loosening tool helps cancer survivor get voice back

“I lost my voice. I couldn’t even speak,” exclaimed Timothy Moyer.

When Tim walked through the doors of Spokane Valley’s Chiropractic Wellness Center in 2017, he’d accepted the fact that he’d never be able to engage in conversation again.

Tim is a throat cancer survivor. Thirty plus radiation treatments had burned his voice box and scar tissue left him in agonizing pain 23 years later.

“When I first came in here, my esophagus would not move” he shared.

His goal was to just get healthy. Lose some weight, so he started working out with Jake Bauman, a corrective exercise specialist at Chiropractic Wellness, who had bigger plans for him.

Jake introduced Tim to Bo, a chiropractor at the practice and his partner in the company Myofascial Release Tools. He thought Tim could benefit from their latest invention, the MYO-XR. It’s part drill, part specialized tip.

“We’ve taken something people already have and turned it in to something they can use to really improve their quality of life,” explained Jake.

There are plenty of similar devices out on the market helping people with common aches and pains, but this one is special and took 12 years to make.

Inventor and chiropractor Bo Tucker explained, “I found that nothing had been developed as far as what touches the body, so my goal was to improve and enhance the type of therapy they have used on that.”

The MYO-tip as it’s called on this one is a lot softer, perfect for sensitive areas, like Tim’s neck, where he really needed help loosening his muscles.

Months of working with the MYO-XR has paid off.

“Now I have a speaking voice and I no longer deal with any neck cramps whatsoever,” Tim shared.

To say this device has made him a new man is an understatement.

Added Tim, “it’s changed my life.”

If you’d like to learn more about the MYO-XR, click here.

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