Murder victim’s family speaks out against domestic violence

Murder victim’s family speaks out against domestic violence

The family and friends of Tina Stewart, a 30-year old woman killed on Thanksgiving, are speaking out against domestic violence, in advance of her charged killer’s next appearance in court.

According to court documents, Tina Stewart had been in a two year relationship with Nicholas Holden, who is currently behind bars charged with second degree murder. His bail is currently set at $1 million.

Court documents outline that Holden and Stewart had gotten into a fight on Thanksgiving, which later turned violent. After the argument, court documents say at some point later in the night she died from wounds after being beaten.

She leaves behind two of her own children, and the niece and nephew she had been caring for.

“The kids are still not coping with it,” said Stephanie Bailey, a family member. “They are not understanding that their mom is not really coming back.”

She says in their grief, they’ve been trying to spread Tina’s story as widely as possible, along with the resources for domestic violence victims, so that others might avoid such a fate.

Little by little their efforts have been working. Bailey says she’s already had three people reach out to them to say they found the courage after hearing Tina’s story to leave their abusers and take advantage of the resources available to them.

Resources available at places such as the YWCA who’s website can be reached by clicking here.

The family has also designed shirts in memory of Tina, and have handed hundreds out to her supporters. They say they will be wearing them to each court appearance, starting with Thursday’s.

“Domestic violence has got to stop,” said Andrew Estes, father of Tina’s two children.