Multiple car windows shattered in NW Spokane

Multiple car windows shattered in NW Spokane

Several car owners in northwest Spokane have something in common: shattered windows which appear to have been shot by a BB or pellet gun.

Multiple drivers posted photos of the damage to a crime prevention Facebook page. It’s unclear if the same person is responsible but those drivers are now left with expensive repairs.

“It’s a horrible way for somebody to go have fun. To go and destroy other people’s property,” said Natasha Thompson, her car was hit over the weekend near the 1100 block of E. Dalke Avenue.

“It’s a small hole, probably a BB or pellet, but it’s still a little disturbing to have someone shoot at your property,” Thompson said. “The whole window has to be replaced.”

Thompson was surprised to learn she wasn’t the only driver targeted over the weekend. Pam Silva said her neighbor’s window was shattered near W. Shannon Avenue and N. Walnut Street. Silva shared video which KXLY, she believes her camera picked up the sounds of the shots being fired.

KXLY was unable to reach another alleged victim, who said her window was shot while she driving.

Thompson’s car was not broken into. She thinks whoever pulled the trigger was doing it for fun, at the expense of her family.

“We work and we have bills to pay, and so do a lot of other people and it’s just really upsetting to know that you have to take time out of your day, or take time off work, to go replace something that someone else has damaged.”

Thompson’s message for the window smasher?

“Please don’t do it again,” she said. “There are other ways to have fun.”

Thompson did not file a police report but said she plans to after seeing other posts online. Spokane Police say you should always report property crimes, no matter how small. If police notice a trend, they can and will shift patrols.

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