Multi-year research project focuses on white-tailed deer in north Idaho

White-tailed deer study
Credit: IDFG

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — Researchers from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game have started a multi-year project studying white-tailed deer in North Idaho.

The project began in the winter of 2019, but will continue through the next few years. Researchers are working to better understand how different big game species influence each other and how wildlife management activities (like harvest levels) influence those interactions.

White-tailed deer are the most abundant large prey species in North Idaho, so IDFG said understanding their ecology is a key first step in the overall project.

Deer were captured and collared in GMUs 1, 6, and 10A to better help the department understand the survival, cause of death and movements of white-tailed deer does, bucks and 8-month-old fawns.

IDFG will use the does collared this winter to find, capture and collar newborn fawns to monitor their survival and causes of mortality.

According to IDFG, this will be the largest study of white-tailed deer ever conducted in Idaho.