Mt. Spokane’s Barrera set for final lap

Mt. Spokane’s Barrera set for final lap
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A team without leadership is unlikely to go far.

For the past four years, Mt. Spokane High School has benefitted from the mind of multi-sport athlete Spencer Barrera — and never moreso than this season.

“There’s no better feeling than winning with the people you’re closest to,” said Barrera, who plays basketball and track. “It was the best feeling in the world making it to the state championship. we did a run that no one would’ve ever thought but it’s been fun and we’re ready to start this again with track.”

One of his coaches, Danny Figuera, has known Barrera since middle school and has watched him grow into someone who puts everyone on the team before himself.

“He’s really taken on being a team guy. I watched it in basketball this season, kind of doing the little things for the team and then as the track season transpired, he really took on a leadership role kind of doing just different events, you know he’s jumping for us, long and triple jumping,” Figuera said. “He’s jumped in and helped us in different relays and events so far this year. That’s what’s impressed me about him is how he’s taken on that leadership role.”

Barrera said he’s happy to compete in any event, but he’s already ran the fastest 400 in State 3A this year. He commits to the classroom like he does his sports, maintaining a 3.9 GPA, helping him earn a spot on the University of Idaho track team next year.

“It’s really cool to see him grow like that and to be able to achieve his dream because we’ve had him long enough where he’s like a son to me, so it’s pretty interesting, pretty fun to see him go off to college,” said coach Finis Turner.

For a school that’s gotten used to Barrera’s next-level personality, it won’t be easy to see him graduate.

“Oh boy, you know I’m going to miss him on the team, I’m going to miss him in the classroom, he’s just got a pleasant demeanor about him,” said Figuera. “He’s a hard working, really nice kid, so i’m going to miss the character that he brings to our school climate not just our team.”