Mt. Spokane senior taking on larger work load in final year

SPOKANE, Wash. —“I try to stay positive and have a good mindset going into it and just know you’ve done harder workouts than this, you’re capable of doing it,”

The starting blocks before a race can be one of the most mental and nerve-wracking places in sports, but Mt. Spokane senior Tabi Koscielski just tries to stay calm under the pressure, specializing in the 400 and 800 meter races.

“I personally think the 800 is more difficult just because the first lap is still pretty fast, you want to get out hard, but then that’s when you want to stop, but you still have one more lap,” she said

This is only Tabi’s second year competing in track and field, and already she’s taken on a larger work load: adding the mile and two mile race to her schedule. But that just speaks to the kind of teammate she is.

“Somedays it’s definitely more tiring than others, but you definitely feel accomplished at the end also just when you know you did it, did your best it feels good after,” Tabi said.

“If we need a point or three points, she knows it could make the difference between winning and losing and she’ll do that for the team,” her coach Annette Helling added.

While she’s still relatively new at the events, Tabi will be moving on to compete at Spokane Falls Community College next season, and keeping that drive going for at least another few years.

“I think I just think go go go move your arms, but after I finish I think what did I just think I can’t remember,” Tabi said.

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