Mt. Spokane High School students prepare for Prostart Invitational cooking competition

Instead of break a leg, it’s break an egg for this group of Mt. Spokane high school students.

They are heading to the Prostart Invitational in Seattle to compete in their annual culinary competition.

In 60 minutes, the must create a 3-course meal on butane burners. They aren’t allowed to use electricity or running water.

Because it’s all in the name of scholarship money, and a chance to compete at the national championships, they are going big with their menu.

On Good Morning Northwest this morning, they cooked up some of the items including pumpkin ravioli with pesto and a berry cheesecake, all from scratch. The main course will be a seared quail but they are saving that for the competition!

They are saving the seared quail for the competition!

“The hardest thing for me personally is the time limit, that we only have 60 minutes to do it. It gets sort of stressful,” explained senior Peyton Maxwell.

They’ve placed a special focus on keeping the items they use to make the items

The competition is a component of the Prostart Program offered at high schools around the country. The program helps students who’d like to pursue a career in the culinary field post-high school graduation.

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