Mt. Spokane and Whitworth host Hawaiian football team

Mt. Spokane and Whitworth host Hawaiian football team

High school football practice controlled Whitworth’s Pine Bowl Thursday morning. It didn’t take long to realize the players from Damien Memorial weren’t from around here.

The island music gave it away.

“We like to just kind of get into a little groove,” said head coach Eddie Klaneski. “We like to have a little fun while we work.”

“Fun” is a word that’s been tossed around a lot this week.

“It’s been a crazy fun experience,” said Lindon Sevilleha, a senior receiver for the Monarchs.

Damien, out of Honolulu, is already 2-0 on the season – outscoring their opponents 62-6.

Their next test? A Mt. Spokane team with significant Honolulu high school football ties.

A Mt Spokane coach proposed a home and home series between the high school he played for and the high school he coaches. Damien was happy to accept, but perhaps not as happy as Honolulu native and Mt Spokane Offensive Coordinator- Danny Figueira.

“You know, growing up playing football, it’s really exciting for kids,” said Figueira. “When they get to go to the mainland, kind of for the first time – it’s for a lot of them getting on a plane for the first time. It’s a really neat experience.”

Two high schools, two games in two states over two years – all possible because of a mutual love of football that spans half an ocean. While this time it was former Island players who set up the showdown – it’s clear this generation has the same bug

“These are my brothers till the day I die,” said Lindon, glancing over to his teammates as practice came to a close. “I wouldn’t imagine not having them in my future and not being by their side. These are my boys for life.”