Moving nightmare sparks unlikely friendship

Moving nightmare sparks unlikely friendship

Imagine starting your retirement in a new home a couple states away, and losing thousands of dollars worth of your property on the move there.

Two women went through a moving nightmare before their new lives could even begin.

When you visit the Thompson’s beautiful warm Hauser home – it’s hard to imagine how cold it felt six months ago.

“We sat in this house for three weeks with absolutely nothing,” recalled Debbie Thompson.

Debbie and her husband retired to Hauser from southern California for the peaceful lifestyle. So far, it’s been anything but.

Debbie hired Arrow Moving and Storage in early November to load up her things. She says they showed up two days late, forcing her to rent her old home from it’s new owners – but the hardest lesson was still to come.

“The minute the move is picked up, you’ll never hear from them again, they will not answer the phone,” said Debbie.

Debbie’s load, instead of going straight to Idaho as she assumed, made its way to Las Vegas. There- the job was transferred to Executive Moving and Storage. What she thought would be a couple day job was now going to take up to 30 days.

The Thompsons and their five dogs would have to wait.

Then came moving day.

“Stuff was coming off the trucks broken. Damaged. There was so much damage.”

Over the next few days – things only got worse.

“The box is there, so you inventory the box in, and when you go to inventory the box there – everything is missing out of your box.”

Frustrated – Debbie was able to get the address of the home the movers had delivered to the day before. It happened to be a listing she had been interested in.

“It probably went to a friendship when she knocked on my door and said; ‘Hi, i wanted to buy this house,'” said Kim Silva

Silva, who moved her father from Fresno to Coeur D’Alene in November – had almost the same experience. She hired one company and the work was transferred over to Executive. She also waited three weeks in an empty new house. The two have shared their story online with others all over the country, and have built a relationship on their mutual nightmare.

“That’s the only good thing that came out of it,” said Debbie. “That and lemon drops. I’ve never had lemon drops until i came up here.”

Debbie filed a claim totaling $15,000 worth of lost/damaged goods. She has not yet settled with the company.