Mother of impaled skier says he is much more than viral sensation

Mother of impaled skier says he is much more than viral sensation

A ski instructor and Spokane native is becoming a viral sensation all because of an unfortunate injury. A tree branch impaled his lip!

Nathanial “Natty” Hagood’s mother Rebecca Mack tells KXLY her son can’t believe all the attention this is getting.

His mom says Natty is using his fifteen minutes of fame to raise awareness for the causes he believes in.

On March 1, Hagood “cut it a little too close” — his words, according to his Go Fund Me page — to a tree when he was skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming.

Soon after, Natty’s brother showed their mom Rebecca the pictures.

“He showed me the phone, his phone with Nathanial’s face on it,” she said. “I recognized him immediately and I said, ‘oh my God, I can’t look at that, oh my God.'”

Rebecca is amazed by the viral attention this incident is getting.

“This impaling of his lip and the photographs have gotten way more attention than anything that he’s ever done in his life,” Mack said, “and he’s done a lot in his life.”

But she says her son should be known for much more than just this.

“I have to say it’s a little annoying to me that he’s getting all this attention for this,” Mack explained, “and his real accomplishments which are having been politically active and gotten his town together to have a meeting.”

Rebecca says Natty helped organize a town hall for their congressional representatives in Jackson, Wyoming. According to the Jackson Hole News and Guide, Wyoming’s three congressional representatives couldn’t attend, but the group held the event anyway, and more than 250 people came to express their concerns.

Since his injury, Hagood has directed people to coverage of this event on his Facebook page.

Hagood also recently received attention for helping to break up a fight between a snow boarder and skier that was caught on camera.

“I’m proud of my son,” Mack said. “I’m not proud of him for running into a tree branch, but I am proud of him for getting engaged politically in his community.”

Mack is grateful Hagood wasn’t seriously hurt, and that her son can provide the country a little comic relief.

“It is kind of a relief to laugh and to be entertained by something that doesn’t have serious consequences,” she said, “particularly now in this tense political time that we’re in.”

Hagood set up a Go Fund Me and has already raised enough money to cover the bill for his stitches.

Hagood is also currently raising money to raise awareness of human rights issues, and give a “voice to the voiceless.” He created a Go Fund Me account, and plans to create hats, buttons, and stickers, and to organize marches and protests in Jackson.