Moses Lake School Board reconsiders second high school

Moses Lake School Board reconsiders second high school

Tensions filled the air inside the Moses Lake School Board meeting Thursday night where, at times, board members found themselves on the hot seat.

The Moses Lake School Board promised voters back in February that an $135 million bond would be used to build a new high school. Now the board is changing its mind, arguing that money can be spent more effectively.

The board wants to alter how that money will be spent, something that isn’t sitting will with the voters who approved the bond.

“Trust is hard to really gain and really easy to lose,” said Superintendent Dr. Joshua Meek. “As a school district and as a public agency, we take that very seriously.”

Meek says it’s a complicated issue; the Moses Lake School District is growing yet schools are outdated and overcrowded.

That is why voters approved the bond for a second high school in the city. The school board says that second high school may be overkill, telling the public their money might be used differently.

“(A second high school) would address overcrowding for 40 plus years, between 40 and 50 years,” said Meeks. “So there’s some feeling among some of the community and maybe even some of our board that a plan for construction that takes us that far out into the future is overbuilding.”

If the school board decides to go against the will of the voters, they could be putting future bonds in jeopardy. This latest bond barely passed.

While not everyone agrees on what happens next, they all the same thing – the best for Moses Lake students now and going forward.