Moses Lake school board meeting to be held at Moses Lake High School auditorium

Moses Lake school board meeting to be held at Moses Lake High School auditorium

The Moses Lake school board meeting has been moved to the Moses Lake High School auditorium, because of the number of people expected to attend.

The board will host a public hearing at 7 p.m. on its bond money spending plan. The board originally promised voters that a $135 million bond would be used to build a new high school. That bond received super majority approval in February 2017. The board has since changed its mind, arguing that money can be spent more effectively.

The public comment period will last 90 minutes. The hearing is expected to be the only public input session before the board votes.

The school board issued the following statement about the hearing:

“For this public hearing those wishing to make public comment will be expected to follow these expectations:

In an effort to hear as much public input as possible all participants will be limited to no more than 3 minutes. Public hearings are not a public debate.
When the 3 minute time limit has arrived all speakers are expected to respectfully end their comments when notified.

Please focus comments on the state and local circumstances, this is not a Public Hearing to discuss specific projects or comments for or against specific projects. Comments shall be free of attacks toward the board of directors, individual members, district staff, and other community participants.

In alignment with the Open Public Meetings Act (RCW 42.30.050) interruptions to the meeting will not be allowed. Disruptive participants will be removed from the meeting. If removal of the disruptive parties does not solve the issue and return order the meeting, the meeting room will be cleared and continue, or the meeting may adjourn and reconvene at another location selected by majority vote of the members. Disruptions of school meetings are also clearly outlined in RCW 28A.635.030 and Moses Lake School District Board Policy 4200.”