Moses Lake on seventh snow day

Moses Lake on seventh snow day

Snow days are starting to add up for schools in the Columbia basin.

Thick ice coated the roads and sidewalks in Moses Lake on Thursday morning, prompting the district to cancel school.

It’s the 7th snow day of the school year.

“It’s kind of been fun because we kind of get to relax and we don’t have to do a bunch of homework at school,” said Ian Cox, who had the day off from middle school.

The silver lining of snow days for kids of course, is no school.

“I get to have fun with my brother,” said Ian.

Ian and Trent Cox tagged along with their mom to Lakeview Elementary school on Thursday.

“Today I’m going to work on my classroom, trying to let the boys just kind of get out of the house for a little bit,” said Megan Cox, first grad teacher at Lakeview.

Cox says ever since kids returned from Christmas break, it’s been hard to get back in the swing of things.

“It’s hard for the kiddos when they haven’t been in school to remember the routines and to remember the rules and how we behave at school so you kind of have to re-teach all of that,”said Cox.

But, she completely understand why the district has decided to cancel school.

“It’s just been crazy weather this year, and the district is just making sure we’re keeping safe and the students are staying safe,” said Cox.

Cox says in the past they’ve tacked the snow days on to the end of the year, but she says the district won’t determine exactly how to make up the day until March, when the worst of winter is over.