Moses Lake mother dons T-rex costume on first day of school to teach a valuable lesson

Moses Lake mother dons T-rex costume on first day of school to teach a valuable lesson

Usually, kids scoff at the idea of their parents behaving in a silly manner in public.

And for three Moses Lake kids, that sentiment could not be truer.

However, the reason they were embarrassed will hopefully teach them a valuable lesson for the future.

Gabriela Beliz, the mother of an eleventh, ninth and fifth-grader, decided to have a little fun on the first day of school this year.

Before the school year started, Beliz’s fifth-grader expressed some unnerving feelings about starting at Garden Heights Elementary again.

“My youngest was nervous to go to camp 5 (5th grade) because of bullying and the two student suicides earlier this year had scared her,” said Beliz. “I told her, ‘don’t be afraid to be different, don’t be afraid to be yourself’. She said ‘it’s not easy,’ and then I said ‘I’m going to walk you as a dinosaur to school.'”

When they first heard this, her kids didn’t believe her. But to their surprise, she followed through with her promise.

On Wednesday morning, her children walked into the kitchen to find their mother making breakfast in a Tyrannosaurus rex costume.

After they ate, the family made their way out on to the front lawn where many pictures and videos were taken.

DINO MOM: A Moses Lake mother went all out to show her children that it’s OK to be yourself at school.

Posted by KXLY 4 News on Thursday, August 30, 2018

Then, it was time to walk the one block to school with her youngest daughter.

“She hated me, I know she’s going to hate me,” said Beliz.

During their short, yet eventful journey, other parents, teachers and passers-by didn’t hesitate to grab their phones to take pictures and video of the oddity that was approaching them.

“Cars were honking, people were mocking the T-rex and little kids were saying ‘that’s so cool.’ It was fun,” said Beliz. “It’s something my kids are going to remember. I want to make memories and make the best of it.”

Gabby said her husband was with her the whole time taking video of their adventure, though he may have been more embarrassed than their kids.

“My husband did not want to be around me. He was embarrassed, but he was with me the whole time,” said Beliz. “I couldn’t see anything in that suit so he had to hold my hand on the way back.”

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